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Ethiopian Technology Authority (ETA)

The Ethiopian Technology Authority (ETA) is a government organization established by Proclamation No. 1263/2021 to ensure the safety of the people, the environment and property from harmful effects of technology use and application in various industries and development sectors. The Authority has duties and responsibilities of regulating technology uses in industries with set regulatory standards and requirements at a level that make public safety certain, protect property damage and the environment from pollution while striking a balance between the desire to reduce technology use risks and the aspiration to put up with economically and socially productive activities. The typical technology focal sectors the Authority regulates include technologies that fall under radiation and nuclear, chemical, electronics and electric appliance, plant and machinery, material technology, emerging technology, aerospace and space technologies.

The Authority, accordingly, is mandated to regulate the aforementioned sectors technology uses. As its duties and responsibilities it issues licenses and licenses grades for activities related to the technologies, renews suspends and revokes licenses, carries out inspection on technology uses and takes appropriate measures when necessary. It also establishes an environmental monitoring system for chemicals use and procedures for enforcing and regulating the import and export of technologies or related practices and issues standards for regulated technologies. It performs other regulatory activities such as designing and implementing a systematic procedure for the implementation of the regulatory activities with regard to the mass media and other concerned bodies, establishing regulatory laboratory, cooperating with relevant national and international organizations, and formulating emergency preparedness and response plan for technological accidents and risks.
The Authority pays every possible effort to meet the objectives provided for in the establishment regulation regardless of the costs it may take, thus a desired level of technology use protection will be achieved.

Ethiopian Technology Authority (ETA) External Vacancy Announcement

Required Qualification:- Advanced networking | Aeronautics | Business Administration and information system | Chemistry | Cloud computing | Computer application | Computer information technology | Computer maintenance | Computer science | Database Administration | Database management | Electrical Engineering | Electromechanical Engineering | Electronics and Electrical Engineering | Energy Engineering | Environmental science |GIS |Hardware and network technology | Hardware network | ICT | Information data science and analytics | Information science | Information studies | Information system | Information Technology | Information technology management | IT Project management,Management information system,Material Engineering | Material Science | Mechanical Engineering,Medical Physics | Networking| Nuclear Engineering | Physics| Physics and Industrial Engineering | Power Engineering | Social networking | Space Engineering | Space science | Space Technology | Web and multimedia

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