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Dashen Bank

Position – Customer Service Clerk -For Branches Under Dessie District Office

DB/ Vacancy-0122/22

Job Summary

The Customer Service Clerk is responsible to make front office customer service support at branch. S/he will handle account maintenance, payment and collection transactions and respond to customer inquiries, handle cash and non-cash transactions and all customer requests at branch.

Academic & Professional Qualification

· Diploma/ level IV in a business related field e.g. Accounting, Management, Business Administration, Marketing Management or any other equivalent field.

· COC Certified

· Certificate in Basic Computer skill.


· One year on service sector.

Required Technical Competency

· Understands the basic financial products and services.

· Good knowledge of Bank accounting and procedures.

· Ability to respond to client inquiries and have the capability of advising and resolving most issues and requests.

· Excellent command of Microsoft Office applications

Language Ability: –

· Ability to communicate in local languages is an added advantage.

Age: – Not more than 25 years of age.

Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

Place of Work

For Dessie Cluster (Dessie, Kombolcha, Hayik, Harbu, Bestima & Kutaber).
For Woldia Cluster (Woldia, Mersa, Wuchalie, Marye, Kobo & Hara).
For Gashena Cluster (Gashena, Kone, Flakit, Geregera & stayish).
For Lalibela Cluster (Lalibela, Bilbala, Dibko, Dabo Ketema, Shemshaha, Gragn Amba, Lalkiw & Ayna Bugna).
For Sekota Cluster (Sekota, Asketema, Hamusit, Dehana).
For Bati Cluster (Bati, Gerba, Degan, Salmeny & Worsay).
For Mille Cluster (Millie, Endifo, Eliwuha).
For Semera Cluster (Logiya, Dubti, Assayta, Semera & Dechoatho).
For Chifera Cluster (Chifera & Ewa).
For Kemissie Cluster (Kemissie, Mekoy, Kara Korie, Majetie & Chefa Robit).
For Shewarobit Cluster (Shewarobit, Abay Atir, Senbetie, Jewuha & Ataye).
For Wogel Tena Cluster (Wogel Tena, Dawunt, Gosh Meda, Tsehay Mewcha).
For Degolo Cluster (Jama, Woreilu, Kabie, Legehida, Mida Oromo & Masha).
For Kelala Cluster

(Kelala, Luguama, Akesta, Woyn Amba, Tirtira).
For Mekaneselam Cluster (Mekaneselam, Genetie, Robit, Abay, Dilfrie, Segno Gebeya).
For Wegedi Cluster (Wegedi, Kabie demasko, Mentetie, Lemmi, Sekashinbra, Gorj, Yagie, Aba Gorba).
For Tenta Cluster (Tenta, Mekdela, Ajibar, Woretej, Fito, Aba Boru Meda, Masha, Tulu Awliya).
For Sayint Cluster (Sayint, Mehal Sayint).
For Debre Birhan Cluster (Debre Birhan, Mendida, Chacha, Cheki, Keyit, Gudo Beret, Debelie, Gosh bado, Ankober, Chinbrie, Rob Gebya, Mitaq, Gundi, Derefo, Tsigyreda, Aba motie, Birbisa, Dilila, Baso dengora, Kasima, Nase, Elezef school, Addis amba, Amangult, Muti cherkos, Wushawshign, Weynabadega, Dibut, Mahal amba, Metkoriya, Geft, Angolela, Goshu ager, Adesgy, Alyu amba)
For Sheno Cluster ( Sheno, Shola gebeya, Hagere Mariam, Yermata Ager, Fara, Koremash, W/amba, Senbeliet, Tulefa, Hamus gebeya, Gina Ager, Senbo & Kotu)
For Enewari Cluster (Enewari, Jihur, Lemi, Deneba, jiru, Ensaro, Kokob mesk, Woberi, Ehud gebeya, Muketuri, Megentya, Belbelit fytra, Lamgeno, Denbi, Salaysh, Gosh wuha, Guramba & Yetnora)
For Debre Sina Cluster (Debre sina, Tarma Ber, Asfachew, Mezezo, Armaniya, Merqoroyos, Waja, Shola amba, Mafud, Sela dingiey, Tarma ber, Mezezo, Aysofie, Sasit, Birka, Begoch gat, Filagenet, Ziftif dingay, Agam ber, Altokyna mengist & Zum amba)
For Mehal Meda Cluster (Mehal meda, Menz Mama, Menz Keya, Menz Gera, Menz Lalo, Molalie, Zemero, wozd, Tsehay sina, Guasa, Yigem, Ashen, Shola, Amed washa, Dargegn, Talt, Kolakol, Ameja, Wogerie, Molalie megenteya, Bash, Layzbr, Kolo margefiya, megenagna, Astoya, Aego, Tach yigem, Shisho, Kubit, Tor mesaya, Yamsa, Talt & Andit tid)
For Alem Ketema Cluster (Alem Ketema, Merahabiety, Fetra, Gerem, Afezez, Yesa, Meragna, Ryma, Kolash & Giryt)

For Rabiel Cluster (Rabiel, Gishe (Rabel), Feres byt, Wflek, Asfafit, girar amba, Shebeto)

How to Apply

1. Interested and qualified applicants should state the cluster they want to work and apply through https://forms.office.com/

2. Applicants should fill all the details on the vacancy application form and make sure you submit after completing all the questions.

3. Finally, please scan all relevant credentials (Uploading relevant credentials that verifies educational qualification, work experience licenses, certifications …. etc which are stated on the application form /CV).

NB. *Applicants who do not have ethiojobs account need to register using personal email account,

*CV‘s shall not be more than 3 pages and saved in PDF format (mandatory)

*Applicants should clearly indicate the cluster they want to apply in their CV/ on the forms link.


Interested and qualified applicants fulfilling the above requirements are invited to submit in person their application letter, curriculum vitae and copies of non-returnable supporting credentials along with the original documents for verification to Dessie District Office found in Dessie until July 01, 2022.

NB: – Dashen Bank does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. Hence, if you are asked for any please refuse

I Can Apply Online?:
Yes, this job online applicable [NB: Check the job deadline/closing date before starting any job application process!]