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Dashen Bank S.C

Position – Resident Auditor I

  • Qualification – Bachelor Degree in a business related field e.g. Accounting, Management, Economics, Business Administration.
  • Experience – At least Two (2) years relevant banking experience.
  • Deadline – August 19/2022


  • Good understanding of institute of internal auditors (IIA) standards and ability to comply.
  • Good understanding of governance, risk and control framework.
  • Understands the basic mechanisms of general financial products and services.
  • Good knowledge of Bank’s accounting and procedures.
  • Ability to respond to basic client enquiries and instructions and the capability of advising and resolving most issues and requests.
  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified applicants should apply through Application form and Applicants should fill all the details on the vacancy application form and make sure you submit after completing all the questions.

Finally, please scan all relevant credentials (Uploading relevant credentials that verifies educational qualification, work experience licenses, certifications.

Login to Etiojobs vacancy application website and attach the scanned documents in PDF format (*mandatory).

NB. *Applicants who do not have ethiojobs account need to register using personal email account,

*CV‘s shall not be more than 3 pages and saved in PDF format (mandatory)

* Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply

1 – Application Form  – Resident Auditor I – For Jawi (Pawi) Area

Vacancy No – DB/ Vacancy- 0148/22

2 – Application Form –  Resident Auditor I – For Semera Area (Logiya, Dubti, Assayta, Semera & Dechoatho)

DB/ Vacancy- 0145/22

3Application form – Resident Auditor I – For Nejo Branch

DB/ Vacancy- 0144/22

4 – Application form – Resident Auditor I – For Tercha Cluster (Cida, Amaya)

DB/ Vacancy- 0143/22

5 – Application form – Resident Auditor I – For Tepi Cluster (Gecha, Meti, Shako, Masha)

DB/ Vacancy- 0142/22

6 – Application form – Resident Auditor I – For Wolkite Cluster (Sakoru, Deneba, Saja, Emdebir, Agena, Bozhebar, Gummer, Gunchire, Hawaryat, Mike,Walga, Darge, Gubre, Kosie)

DB/ Vacancy- 0141/22

7 – Application Form  – Resident Auditor I – For Bonga Cluster (Bita, Shshonde, Chena, Decha, Gesha, Gimbo, Adiyo, Xalo, Saylem, Goba, Gewata)

DB/ Vacancy- 0140/22

8 – Application form – Resident Auditor I – For Shay Bench Cluster (Shay Bench, Bachuma, Jamu)

DB/ Vacancy- 0139/22

9 – Application form -Resident Auditor I – For Hawassa Area (Hawassa, Shashemene, Wondogenet, Tulla, Leku, Yirgalem, Borecha, Wondo Wesha, Aposto, Dale, Shebedino)

DB/ Vacancy- 0138/22

10 – Application form – Resident Auditor I – For Branches under Addis Ababa District Offices

DB/ Vacancy- 0137/22

11 – Application form – Resident Auditor I – For Jimma Cluster (Sarbo, Asandabo, Deneba, Dedo, Seka, Yabu, Limu Genet, Shebe, Agaro)

DB/ Vacancy-0136/22

12 – Application form Resident Auditor I – For Bedelle Cluster (Denbi, Yanfa, Gachi, Chora)

DB/ Vacancy-0135/22

13 – Application form – Resident Auditor I – For Abomsa Cluster Area (Abomsa, Bole Nura Era, Abajema, Aseko, Chole, Gololcha)

DB/ Vacancy-0134/22

14 – Application form – Resident Auditor I –For Mizan Aamn Cluster (Mizan, Aman, Gizmeret, Sheko, Wacha Manji, Biftu Dima, Temenjayaz, Debrework, Megenteya)

DB/ Vacancy-0133/22

15 – Application form-Resident Auditor I – For Bule Hora Area (Bule Hora, Gedeb, Era, Haro Kara, Chabi, Mati)

DB/ Vacancy-0132/22

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