Junior Accountant

Fantu and Family Trading and Industry PLC

Job Title: Junior accountant

Closing Date: The deadline for the application of this vacancy is July 05, 2022

Work Schedule: The work schedule for this position is: full-time

Salary and remuneration: Negotiable

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Job overview:

Fantu and family trading and industry plc is looking to hire junior accountant with good knowledge of accounting. Interested and qualified applicants are invited to apply.

Job requirements:

  • Educational qualification: BA Degree in Accounting from a recognized University with 0 years of experience
  • Skills: Basic computer skills and knowledge of Peachtree accounting

How To Apply:

Candidates who fulfill the above requirement can submit non-returnable copies of application, CV, Educational and work experience documents in person at Fantu and Family Trading & Industry PLC Office, located on the Road from Bole 22 to St. Gabriel General Hospital, adjacent to Worku Building or Hollywood Hotel, to the Human Resource Administration and Development Office.

የመመዝገቢያ ቦታ: ሃያሁለት ወርቁ ሕንጻ አጠገብ ብራስ ጋርመንት ፊትለፊት ፋንቱና ቤተሰቡ ኃ/የተ/የግል ማህበር ዋናው መሥሪያ ቤት፡፡

For more information, contact Tel. 0116-61-05-35/0116-61-42-48

I Can Apply Online?:
No, the job is not online applicable [NB: Check the job deadline/closing date before starting any job application process!]